Anything Hotel now has access to Meta Digital and Social Marketing Tools thanks to Maestro’s partnership with the hotel

Anything Hotel now has access to Meta Digital and Social Marketing Tools thanks to Maestro's partnership with the hotel

In 2023, Maestro is focused on expanding its network of mutually beneficial partnerships with hotel and resort chains. With the addition of omnichannel marketing to its already impressive suite of front- and back-of-house software and contactless mobile tools, one of its primary goals is to become the most comprehensive, all-in-one solution for its users. Recently, Maestro partnered with Anything Hotel to provide users with access to Meta, digital marketing, social media marketing, branding, public relations, website design, and optimization services.

Warren Dehan, president of Maestro, once said, “It’s impossible to be all things to all people, but with the right strategic partners, you can certainly come close.” “In 2023, we plan to launch the ‘Maestro Marketplace’ to provide users with streamlined access to our 800+ solution partners. It will not only fill the large void for marketing services that our customers have been requesting, but will also include ancillary property systems, GDS/OTA channel partners, revenue-management systems, kiosk providers, and hundreds of other systems that complement the Maestro ecosystem. Adding Anything Hotel as Maestro’s newest strategic partner reflects the company’s dedication to fulfilling operators’ requests for a “one-stop-shop for everything hotel.”

About half of American adults surveyed for this month’s 2023 Travel Outlook and AHLA Booking Index say they will travel for business or pleasure within the next three months, with 75% of business travellers and 52% of leisure travellers opting for a hotel as their lodging accommodation. Sixty percent more people plan to stay in hotels this year than they did last year, and three of every five people fall into this category. Nearly all workers whose jobs require them to travel (84%) express an interest in extending their work trips for leisure, indicating that bleisure travel remains popular among business travellers. Strategic omnichannel marketing is necessary to reach and entice these vacationers.

Accelerate the Growth of Your Home

Accelerate the Growth of Your Home

Anything Hotel is a full-service hotel marketing agency that offers meta-search engine optimization (SEO), digital and social media marketing (SMM), public relations (PR), brand development (DBD), website design (DDD), and website optimization (DDD). In terms of ROI, the company estimates that digital marketing yields a return of 28X, social marketing yields 18X, and Meta yields more than 35X. In the first year, the property management division boosts gross operating profits by an average of 58% while cutting down on commissions paid to online travel agencies by 16%.

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“Anything Hotel’s second-to-none, award-winning results in all areas of digital, Meta, social marketing and PR, woven into the fabric of Maestro’s best-in-class software platform, gives hoteliers complete control over the management and facilities of their properties while creating outstanding direct revenue generation, unparalleled ROI on advertising and marketing spends, and significant uplifts in GOP and asset values,” said Rich Tuckwell-Skuda, Founder & CEO of Anything Hotel. Having collaborated with Maestro for over five years, we can attest to the fact that their clients experience a dramatic improvement in operational excellence, direct revenue, and the reduction of OTA commission fees after employing their services.

Dehan exclaimed, “We’re thrilled to add Anything Hotel as our newest marketing partner.” To quote one of the companies: “Both companies are dedicated to providing the ultimate in customer service and support, and we are confident that our customers will see tremendous results as they more aggressively market their hotels to the business and leisure travellers eager to stay in hotels once again.”

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