How to Use Paid Advertising to Increase Your Facebook Page Likes-Tips and Tricks

How to Use Paid Advertising to Increase Your Facebook Page Likes-Tips and Tricks

Running a business page on Facebook is the new way to market your products and services. Using this social media channel, you can reach a wide range of customers and increase your brand visibility. And this method of promoting your venture is faster and much more cost-efficient than its traditional counterparts. The whole world is on Facebook, so you should be on it too to advertise your products and services.

And one of the most important parameters on which the success of your Facebook page is measured by the number of likes it receives. The first thing when a new user notices on your page is the number of likes your posts have received. There are several paid and unpaid ways in which you can increase the number of likes on your Facebook business page. However, in this article, we will be sharing some tips and tricks on how to increase your Facebook page likes by using paid advertising methods.

Benefits of Paid Advertising on Facebook

Paid advertising simply means advertisements for which you have paid a fee. Facebook offers this feature to help creators to widen their audience base by spending a minimal amount of money. There are several benefits of using this feature. Let us discuss the benefits of using Facebook paid advertising.

1. Affordability

Paid ads are a pocket-friendly solution to market your products on the digital platform. You can limit overspending easily by setting a budget limit. Plus, paid advertisements cost quite less as compared to traditional methods like TV, Radio, or print media.

2. Targeted audience base

A little hit and trial can enable you to find your target audience and then you can simply create an advertisement that draws their attention toward your product. So, simply put it is one of the best ways to cater to the niche market.

3. Brand awareness

Promoting your products through paid ads increases your brand visibility as paid ads are pushed to the top. More people become aware of your product and this leads to more conversion into sales.

4. Analytics

Paid advertising offers data for analysis purposes. You can easily analyze the collected data and understand what is working and what went wrong. This helps in creating more relevant and interesting ads for your product.

Tips and Tricks to Increase Likes on Your Facebook Page Using Paid Advertising

1. Use Facebook targeting

On Facebook, you can select your audience based on their age, gender, location, and some other criteria. This helps in creating the most relevant and interesting ad which you can use to woo your audiences.

2. Match the image with the content

If you are advertising a particular product and have created content for it, make sure you attach a matching image to go with it. A mismatched image will confuse the audience whereas a matching one will pique their interest. There are certain tools available in the market that you can use to match images to your ads.

3. Use a Call-To-Action Button

Be clear about your goal. Are you trying to make a sale or are you simply promoting your product? Whatever your intent behind posting a paid ad, make sure you use a call-to-action button on the post. This enables the user to not only like the post but they can also interact with you in case of any queries.

4. Placement of your advertisement

Facebook offers different placements for showcasing your paid ads. You can choose to showcase your ads in the following places:

  • News feeds

These ads appear when a user is scrolling through their news feed. They also appear in their inboxes.

  • Facebook stories

These are vertically placed ads that show up in the stories played on the Facebook page.

  • Search results

These ads come up in search results or marketplaces as well.

  • Ads while playing video ads

These ads can be viewed when the user is streaming a video on Facebook. They are mostly non-skippable and the user has to focus on the ads while watching videos.

5. Keep it concise

When you invest your money in something, it is quite normal to try to utilize it to the last cent. But do not cram your Facebook paid ads with too much information. Keep it short and focus on the basics to make it impactful. Too long ads can cause your audience to lose interest in it.

6. Easy language

Not everyone likes and understands high literature. Create an ad that is basic and attractive in its language. Always focus on three things: your product, its benefits, and how to purchase it.

7. Be open about the cost

Whenever someone decides to make a purchase, they check out the cost. Do not keep your product prices ambiguous. Mention the cost in your Facebook ads.

8. Change your perspective

Getting a second opinion on your paid ads is a good way to gain a different perspective on them. Hire a writer to write ads for your product or simply run your ads through your friends and acquaintances. They can provide you with a fresh view of it and even give you some ideas to make changes.

9. Hit and trial method

You can always run two copies of the same ad with a couple of changes to find out which one is getting more likes. This will not cost you a fortune. Also, it is a good way to find out the likes and dislikes of your audiences and hence create an ad that caters to their preferences.

Paid advertising on social media is trending nowadays. They are cost-effective, portable, and have wide reach through different geographical areas. They are the best way to gain huge likes on your Facebook page. You can also try BuyQualityLikes to gain more likes on your page. This in turn can help you to increase your customers and hence earn more sales and revenue. It is also authentic and user-friendly.

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