Imran Khan vs Reham Khan The height of hypocrisy

Imran Khan vs. Reham Khan: The height of hypocrisy

Reham Khan, a writer and author, wed model Mirza Bilal a few days ago. The news of Reham’s third marriage was bound to cause some controversy because she was previously married to former prime minister Imran Khan. Regrettably, it ultimately received far more unfavourable attention and debate than it deserved.

The context in this case must be understood. Reham and Imran’s marriage lasted just 10 months before coming to an end, and after their divorce, she penned a contentious book exposing Imran’s promiscuous ways. She was beloved by many impressionable Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) fans while she was still married to Imran, but after publishing her tell-all book, she lost a great deal of their support. She has been the target of unrelenting online abuse from PTI fans ever since the publication of her book.

The same people have revived and stepped up their attacks on her as a result of her recent marriage. Twitter is awash with crude remarks making fun of her decision to wed for a third time, and especially for choosing a younger man. They are calling her a characterless, man-hungry woman who would go on to “ruin” her third husband by penning another “sleazy” book.

The majority of people are criticising her because she is getting married for the third time and because she and her spouse are 13 years apart in age. These attacks, in my opinion, make no sense at all because there is nothing wrong with a lady being married a third time. Marriage is the only consensual relationship between a man and a woman that is socially and religiously acceptable in our society since we do not support extramarital affairs. Because of this, a famous woman may have a larger need to marry because she is continuously in the public eye. What’s the big deal if Reham got married again after her divorce? After all, many men do the same. There is nothing at all wrong with it.


PTI fans overlook the fact that their leader Imran has wed three times in addition to having several extramarital affairs. His most recent audio leaks, in fact, show that he is a womanising hypocrite who only uses religion to advance his political standing. The attack against Reham is nothing more than a reflection of our society’s pervasive misogyny and glaring gender-based double standards given the glaring discrepancies in Imran’s demeanour.

In Reham's instance

In Reham’s instance, general misogyny has combined with intense animosity for her from the impolite PTI fans. Ironically, the same followers who adore Imran for his playboy persona and promiscuous lifestyle also hold Reham to a far different moral standard. While Reham, who is officially marrying Bilal, is getting all the criticism, Imran is frequently referred to as an alpha male, a stud, and is showered with adulation.

Her and her husband’s age differences are also unnecessarily polarising. While it is customary for husbands to be older than their spouses, this is not a requirement for brides-to-be. There are several instances of forced and underage weddings in our culture every day, yet few individuals seem to bat an eye or make an attempt to speak out against such brutal anti-women practises. Even though Reham’s spouse has no issues with their age gap, there is still a lot of uproar surrounding her.

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In addition, there was a 21-year age gap between Imran and his first wife, Jemima Khan, a 21-year gap with his second wife, Reham, and a more than 20-year gap with his third and present wife, Bushra Bibi. Imran’s supporters simply ignore the significant age gaps in his case, but Reham receives criticism for the 13-year age difference between her and her husband. This partial outrage is nothing more than blatant hypocrisy. Reham is, in my perspective, breaking the conventional rule that women must be younger than their spouses by marrying a younger man and taking on a progressive role.

In addition to normal misogyny, Reham receives a lot of criticism from PTI backers for her book on Imran. They claim that because she did not take her divorce with “grace” and chose to speak publicly about her experiences as Imran’s wife, something they believe she shouldn’t have done, she is a liar and a woman without morals. Given that Imran has earned a lot of support by portraying himself as a religious and morally pure man, Reham did nothing wrong when she revealed the obvious inconsistencies between his real life and the image he has created for himself.

My perspective is that the additional evidence that has surfaced should be used to evaluate the truthfulness of Reham’s claims. She was right to claim that Imran is a philandering hypocrite who is significantly different from his public image of a morally upright politician, as the most recent audio leaks are demonstrating. Although one cannot concur with every nuance of what she wrote, she is not wholly off base. Instead of needlessly criticising Reham for her third marriage and her decision to speak her truth because she is a woman, I believe it is now time for PTI followers to start questioning their own leader and his contradictory lifestyle.

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